Beeliar Community Voice Inc. (BCV) is the local residents association for Beeliar. It is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers with a desire to create a choice destination to live. Our Committee works to build local participation, and create a stronger sense of community inclusiveness and well-being. We endeavour to make the suburb safer for everyone and collaborate to promote a healthier environment. We will strive to build relationships with businesses, Cockburn Council, Government Agencies and other community groups in the area for the greater benefit of the residents. We will become leaders in recognising and celebrating outstanding efforts made by those working towards making our community exceptional.


Beeliar is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Cockburn. Major features of the area include Beeliar Regional Park, Thomson’s Lake Nature Reserve, Thomson Lake, Kogolup Lake, Beeliar Community Centre, Beeliar Reserve and several park-lands, two public primary schools, two daycare facilities, and two shopping precincts. Beeliar is easily accessible via the Kwinana Freeway, Stock Road, and Beeliar Drive. It is approximately 30km south of the city and less than 5km to the beach.

Name Origin

Beeliar Boodjar is the Aboriginal name for the entire City of Cockburn region and means the land of the Beeliar people. Beeliar Nyungar means ‘river people’ and are one of the clans of the Whadjuk group of Nyungar, who originally inhabited the area. The wetlands are very significant and sacred to the Nyungar. Lake Jilbup (Thompson Lake) means ‘place of grass’ and Kogolup (Lake Kogolup) means ‘place of the quokka’, the lakes are sacred to the Beeliar Nyungar.

(Beeliar Boodjar – City of Cockburn 2011)

Our Vision

The vision of the Association is to improve the quality of life for the community of Beeliar.

Our Mission

To make Beeliar an attractive, safe and community focused suburb.


  • To improve the quality of life in Beeliar by:
  • Encourage community participation.
  • Providing an organised channel of communication.
  • Promote the use of existing and neighbouring facilities.
  • Initiate and support community engagement.
  • Promote and participate in activities and project.
  • Remain impartial on local issues, to not be used politically or for individual agendas.

Please see our Rules of Association for further information.